Coupon Clearing 

We're experienced

We have twenty years’ experience in clearing coupons for both manufacturers/publishers and retailers.  As technology is moving fast and retailer processes and approaches to handling coupons is currently on the agenda, we are ahead of the game.  As one of the main coupon clearing providers in the country, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and added value services for both manufacturers and retailers alike.

Couponline 3.0 is our in-house dedicated online redemption & reporting system. By handling all of your coupon requirements in one place it can save you time and money, and give you reports when you want them.

Manufacturer Coupon Clearing

  • Competitively priced clearing fees and clear financial reports and invoicing
  • Client support team provide professional advice to manage accounts and promote a brand using coupons
  • FREE and secure online real time coupon reports via Couponline
  • In-house Webcoupon product for use across digital platforms  
  • Masterfile Registration & advice on retailer initiatives
  • Audit process & malredemption screening to help identify fraudulent use
  • Pin scanning and data capturing services

Retailer Coupon Clearing

  • Fully auditable processing and reimbursement service to set SLAs
  • Project update with detailed analysis to trading week/store level
  • Reporting by Retailer issued coupons vs manufacturer funded campaigns
  • Detailed payment documentation
  • Versatility (eg processes to handle Healthy Start vouchers and non-cash items)

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