23/05/2018 | Competitions, fulfilment, publishers, winners, handling

Did you know? We’re the largest consumer magazine competition handling house in the UK

If you’ve ever entered a competition with a Leicester PO Box address or in one of the main consumer magazines, chances are your entry has been handled by our competitions team!

Despite what you might think (& the fact there are now so many digital routes to enter competitions), we still receive postal competition entries in huge volumes. 

Our competition management portal allows publishers to control the full lifecycle of a magazine competition from planning to execution across all channels, through to drawing winners in a fully compliant process that gives all entries a fair & equal chance of winning. 

The solutions we provide are all developed and maintained by MRM’s in-house development team and are tailored to client’s specific requirements.  Our solutions are built using the Microsoft.net framework; this flexible modern environment provides standards based rapid development structure. This is also good news for our clients because it means there’s minimal development required by their own IT teams!

Here’s the tech bit: MRM’s new services use JavaScript and XML based solutions to handle the collection of data from 3rd party websites.  This means that we do not rely on data being pushed – ie MRM has total control over the data formatting, quality and validation prior to the data hitting our database and to create standards that both clients and MRM are able to easily modify to suit ever changing requirements.

Another great feature is that a simple form editor (hosted on the MRM Portal) allows users to easily design the fields they wish to be captured (this guarantees correct data formats too). Once live, the consumer then completes the entry form ~ data is validated and sent back to the MRM XML web service automatically, and is loaded into to the competition database.

Entry and winners data can be exported or a database can be created and managed on your behalf.  Here’s just a few of the features:

  • Drawing of multiple competitions
  • Winner management
  • Independent judging
  • Standard draws
  • High value draws
  • Contacting winners via telephone, post, email and SMS
  • Customer query handling
  • Data capture additional information for activity analysis
  • Instant wins
  • Free Prize draws
  • Set up and management of NPN systems
  • Sourcing of prizes
  • Handling and fulfilment of prizes
  • Discounted despatch


All our solutions are hosted on dedicated servers with 24/7/365 monitoring and support and all customer data collection pages are hosted under the protection of an SSL certificate with the necessary GDPR requirements.