20/07/2018 | stock management, digital, payment solutions, promotional management, customer service

Why the High Street’s loss may prove to be our gain

We used to be characterised as a nation of shopkeepers. Suddenly that tag doesn’t seem quite so appropriate. Barely a week goes by without some broadcast alluding to the pressures and demise of some of the bastions of our High Street. And those pressures are considerable. Punitive business rates. Real wage decline. A shift to online purchasing that hasn’t grown the pot but merely cannibalised existing sales. And the internet enables consumer choice to balance the ‘cost/when do I want it’ equation more effectively.

 Of course it’s not all doom & gloom for retail. Embracing the need to provide the customer with real experiences – showrooming, pop up units, street food vending, enhanced customer service – can all help the traditional model to adapt. And if the reported increase in face to face spending in June (Visa UK Consumer Spending Index) is anything to go by, the World Cup and the good weather are welcome fillips.

 But few retail businesses can afford to plan trading around the UK weather. Instead, they might choose to consider smaller trading units and an investment in customer service to deliver an all-round better customer experience.  And of course, working towards delivering an omnichannel strategy that truly delivers what it promises.

 Which is where MRM can come in. Whether it be for a brand manufacturer or a retailer, we can offer stock management options that bridge the gap between the high street and online. Our in house digital capability means we can create a digital shopping experience that provides easy navigation, simple checkout/payment solutions and the fulfilment of the delivery and packaging options you might wish to offer. We can offer customer service support in case things don’t go as planned. And if sales still need a helping hand, our award winning promotional management skills.

 Why not give us a call on 01858 414777 and see where our 25 years of retail marketing support could help you?

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