10/08/2018 | Promotional Marketing, 25 years

Looking back on when we first met…you still turn me on!

These are rather provocative lyrics for a Friday afternoon, but as MRM is celebrating its 25th year of operation it seems rather appropriate as we still feel passionately about the UK promotional marketing industry!

There can’t be many industries that have seen such seismic changes since 1993. Since then the whole below the line / above the line mix has become a blur…retailers have gone through an intense phase of price promotion meaning that brand promotional marketing budgets were wiped out for a number of years…digital arrived with a flash bang and suddenly it was the only word on a brand’s lips…and only now, are we starting to see some sense and order being restored and brands more able to create an integrated marketing plan, utilising the best (and most appropriate) marketing channels for each specific campaign.

Having only joined MRM back in 2004, I missed some of the most infamous promotional marketing moments such as the Hoover fiasco that started in 1992 but continued until 1998. I hadn’t quite realised that the cost to Hoover was almost £50m, not even attempting to put a value on the damage to their reputation (and also the reputation of the agencies involved!).

Luckily, I have a Chairman who’s been there and got the t-shirt as he established MRM back in 1993, so we’re excited to be able to release some interviews with him as well as with other leading industry figures, that will be coming up over the next few weeks – where we talk about the key changes they’ve seen, how the market has evolved and where it’s going.

We’d love to get your input as to what you think the most memorable promotions are over the last 25 years, let’s celebrate the incredible, the impactful and the truly horrendous!

Stay tuned, and please join in the conversation :)


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