01/02/2018 | Storage and fulfilment for Ecommerce partners

Agile Ecommerce: Meeting the needs of the demanding consumer

MRM have partnered Net Initiative for the provision of e-commerce storage and fulfilment services to consumers for more than ten years and they have run hugely successful on-line DVD stores on Amazon Marketplace and eBay since 2006.

Net Initiative’s platforms deliver 'no hassle' incremental revenue to its clients. In an industry highly dependent upon speed of despatch & positive consumer on-line feedback, staying competitive is key. We have helped to protect service levels and margins in several ways:

• Receive multiple data sources via web services to enable twice daily pick & despatch (critical for new film releases). 

• Despatch notes printed on demand with client specific logos (reduces stationery storage/print costs, allows marketing messages to be changed frequently).  

• Discounted despatch methods using a downstream access provider.  

• Processing pick face set up to minimise picking times (arranging most popular titles to be most accessible).  

• Quality control checks help to reduce human error and maximises positive consumer feedback. 

Stock receipt & holding, processing, project management and technical expertise is all managed in-house. It’s an end to end fully managed service which benefits from consolidated volume materials and despatch.  This is accompanied by a full audit trail which enables true ROI analysis.

“There are many benefits to MRM’s partnership approach.  They provide us with a cost effective service in a competitive environment as well as a consistently achieving fast order turnarounds which are so important to our business”.

Managing Director, Net Initiative

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