13/02/2018 | Cashbacks - a smarter alternative to price discounting

Why are Cashbacks such a useful tool to a brand?

There are many reasons why cashback promotions are a useful tool for brand owners.

Post-recession, consumers are more adept at calculating value and the promoter can focus the messaging around the value of saving as opposed to the selling price for one. And unlike price discounting, cashback redemption rates demonstrate that not all purchasers will claim their reward, making campaigns more budget efficient.

Because the promoter can also communicate directly with their audience they are not solely dependent upon the retailer and the cycle of price discounting.

They also offer brands the chance to engage more deeply with their audience. Cashbacks that are linked to multi purchase can help to drive sales volume but sustain price and margin at the same time.

Here at MRM we offer promoters a transparent, real time reporting system that monitors the journey customer claims go through on the road to fulfilment. Our experience in running campaigns over time and across many markets enables us to help brands to budget their activity appropriately. We can offer brand owners fast, easy to implement and proven tools that can be quickly activated.

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